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Welcome to DALI TAROT. Check out the free TAROT DALI. Tarot reading is part of cartomancy, and should be taken as a guide for our life tips. It is believed that the energy of the consultant is unconsciously impregnated during a tarot reading, and so the combination of the meaning of selected cards can be interpreted.
Tarot can help to understand current and future situations of our lives; many people take it as an art in the world of divination.
There are those who believe, inside the esoteric world, that cards are perhaps guided by a spiritual or supernatural force, while others believe that tarot helps to understand the collective unconscious. Tarot deck is a system of divination even though it began as a card game. Because of the art within the illustrations, tarot is considered a cultural movement with major representants and artists as Aleister Crowley, and Salvador Dali, amongst others like Philip K. Dick and H.R. Giger.

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Tarot is a mancia used in clairvoyance to predict the future. You can refer to our free tarot for know what holds you luck, work, money, love and much more. There are different types of spins of tarot. In this esoteric site you will find many divination tools online; as the free tarot, among other applications of esotericism.
Ask the DALI tarot deck we have to offer you a reading of cards right now.
The Dali Universal Tarot deck consists of 78 cards divided in major arcana and minor arcana. The minor arcana are divided into four kinds, which are: batons, coins, cups, and swords. Salvador Dalís deck can be used as a free love tarot reading online accurate system. Get yours!
Salvador Dali´s tarot deck would have reached the big screen in the movie Live and Let Die (one of James Bond film live).
The producer Albert Broccoli wanted to create an special costume made by the tarot illustrations of the artist for the actress Jane Seymour, who incarnated the rol of a tarot reader. But, since there wasn´t a good arrangement between the parts, Dalí didn´t agreed to make this particular job. However, he decided to continue for his own in spite of this and so is how he create a custom deck.

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What would Dalí think about Alejandro Jodorowskys approach to tarot?, since he himself, being an artist, filmmaker and writer thinks that it must not be used as a divination method but as a mechanism to understand the present and not the future because, in his words: future is a con. Of course the reading of tarot is a divination art, but it has also been misused by charlatans.
However, in spite of this, Dalí offers an artistic vision of the reality, or his reality, and it can also be considered a piece of art beyond its faculties to predict the future or understand the present. Dalí´s tarot is a work in which he spent so much time on its creation, inspired by his wife.
There are many kind of spreads or reading on which you can try the Dalí Tarot Universal, but you can try the system of the 7 card tarot reading free or the free celtic cross tarot.

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It´s very important that do not repeat a reading looking for a different answer. The first reading is always the most accurate, even though the reading that you get may be confusing or imprecise. It is better that you try a different spread for the cards in order to get another reading that could be more clarifying. Try a free 3 card tarot spread or a free tarot reading yes or no system yes no tarot.

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Gypsies have a Bible that is the cards of the tarot, according to many experts. Gébelin, who was one of the most famous theorists of the tarot, said that cards drawings had much to do with Egyptian esoteric knowledge. In fact, little is known with certainty of the history of the two decks of tarot.
Minor arcanes, cards with figures and numbers from which are derived our modern cards, seem to represent not just Kings, Queens and page boys, but also other sectors of medieval society: the Baton symbolizes farmers, the Cup the clergy, the Sword the nobles and the golden coin merchants. But the French courtiers of the 19th century also attributed prophetic character to those symbols, of which the batons predicted surprises, the cups happiness, swords dead and coins money.
The only thing that is known about the major arcanes is that the drawing of the older custom deck of tarot cardsthat is known, dating from 1392, has hardly changed over the years. Although the secrets and the origin of the tarot remain murky, in 1601 unless one person was forced to take these cards seriously.
On March 13 of that year, Cuffe, Secretary of the Count of Essex, was found convicted of treason and hanged, and it was rumored that his future had been predicted by three cards: a prisoner, a judge and a gallows.

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Tarot cards were used not only to predict the good fortune, but also in games such as the tarochino, introduced in Italy in the 15th century. The most ancient tarot deck that is known, as its been said, its believed that was carried out in 1392 for the french mad King Carlos VI. Another of the decks of tarot that most readers use still today, is the french deck of Marseilles, or also known as the tarot of Marseilles.
Today the practice of going with a magician or tarotist in person, has been somehow overshadowed by the free tarot online, offered thanks to the technology of the internet and that according to their technique of random, approximates a lot to the certainty that can offer a reader guide in person.
The clairvoyance through cartomancy, is very used at other decks as the tarot of love. Dalí Tarot deck is the best free tarot reading online.
Dalis tarot deck is based on the celtic tarot which became popular in France during the sixteenth century. It is one of the most used tarots around the world.
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Salvador Dali influenced the esotericism world with his surrealistic art in the 20th century, mainly in the decade of the 1920s, as well as in the sixties and seventies inside of pop culture.
Actually, Dalí showed his mystical view with his illustrations of Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland a few years before, in 1969. Dalí´s Tarot is a “psychedelic course of the western civilization” according to Taschen. You can see what are we talking about with a free accurate tarot reading of his deck. There are many legends surrounding the creation of the DALI TAROT.
His wife Gala, was reader of cards and rumor has it that she helped him. A deck under the seal of Dali was created in 1941, but it was until the 1970s when he signed a contract and officially made the final deck known as Dali Tarot, making 78 pictures, one for each card of the Tarot.

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The cards were published between 1983 and 1984. As all the decks of tarot, the edition of the master Salvador Dali has its differences respect to others and his surreal and personal seal made of these cards a mystical deck that has been consolidated in the world of esotericism.
Its one of the most valuable and aesthetic decks of the Tarot; some people associate it with controversial legends related to satanism, but its not like that because his style is quite distinctive of the surreal that was all the work of Salvador Dalí, even though its design is controversial and more because of the cards with negative connotation like the tower, the devil, the moon, and the death; there are decks in fact that actualy can be related with those subjects like the Death Tarot.
Dalí´s deck combines different styles, it shows the sensibility and art appreciation of the artist, the surreal with the symbols of Christianism and Roman and Greek art, but also modern tendencies like kitsch style. He uses many symbols of his personal value system like roses or bull´s heads. The Taschen edition was first published in 1984 and since then, another publishers have launched book versions. With the deck there´s included an introduction in several languages that goes:

“The Wizard, Salvador Dalí, has transformed with his exceptional art and his marvelous talent the seventy eight golden plates of ‘The fabulous book of Thot’ into as many artistic marvels, each one of them duly signed by the hand of this unmatchable, internally famous painter, such an extraordinary artistic creation doesn´t detract in any way from the Tarot’s close symbolism. On the contrary, it enhances with its captivating beauty, the Tarot’s esoteric and plastic meaning.”

Curiosities and Free latin tarot reading

As always, he painted himself in them, for example capturing, in the magician, his face along with his typical melted watch. In every card, like in the death of julius caesar , he painted a Hebrew letter and the corresponding astrological sign.
Dalí tarot is not easy to find and there are special limited art edition. Its price is slightly higher than other decks. For followers of Dalí and his illustrations, there is a deck by Taschen very affordable in which it is included a guide for a correct reading of the cards and also explanations about their meanings and the process of conception and elaboration of them.
The surrealist cards, of this deck, according to fans and tarot readers, is a vehicle to the comprehension of other perceptions of our reality. Here it is the best free accurate tarot reading online Try it and be a witness of the magic of this deck. The cards of this deck of free tarot are larger than others and they are real works of art that you can enjoy with the free tarot that here we offer to you.

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